Do not settle for an agent who only takes photos with their cell phone! In today’s world, the  first thing that clients look for when trying to find their next home is the photos online. Without clear, wide-angled pictures, you are doing your home a disservice. Professional photography is a dead giveaway of an agent’s marketing skills, budget, and the amount of effort they are willing to put into selling your home.  Professional photos will help sell your listing quicker and often for more money!


Professional photos can go a long way, but add in an actual “Video Tour” and it can really allow people to absorb the layout, look and feel of your home! Videography can show how spacious a property is, can resolve questions faster about the layout of a house, and it can showcase more amenities.  Not all homes need this necessarily, but most do, as it can boost traffic and exposure!  This also adds a safe way to showcase your home without anyone stepping through the door.

As much as videography can attract a potential buyer, it can also deter unfit buyers from scheduling showings and possibly wasting your time having to clean up your house before they come to tour it in person! At the end of the day, research has shown that videos out perform text and images by 1200%. Viewers are more engaged when watching a video and 95% more likely to retain what they watch versus what they read in a text. 


Drone footage is great for selling your home and surrounding property for obvious reasons… a bird’s eye view! This is a unique way to capture beautiful pictures of your home, landscaping, ponds, and/or acreage, and is an easy way to captivate potential buyers. Aerial footage is also an excellent way to quickly show potential buyers the neighborhood and the proximity to amenities in the area as well.


This is the perfect way to add a great first impression of your home without potential buyers even stepping inside!  Buyers can explore specific details of your home with a high resolution view as they complete a virtual walk through. Viewers can look directly up at the texture of the ceiling or even down to the condition of the floor below to get accurate details of the home. This technology can be great for out of town interested buyers!